Excellent powerful database to keep your movies and DVDs clearly organized
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Movieguer is definitely a tool for movie lovers. If you also happen to be a DVD movie collector, this attractive database will help you have both movies and discs neatly organized and cataloged. All the basic information about the movies, artists, and the crew involved in making them is directly imported from the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), one of the best movie databases in the Web.

As said, you can catalog the movies you are interested in separately, and associate them (or not) to a media. All the tables involved are customizable, and the importing of the data from IMDb can also be automated if so desired. All the information retrieved is neatly presented using two different layouts - in a tabbed database style, or using an attractive booklet style. The amount of information that your database will store for each movie is amazing - it goes from the basics (production year, running time, budget, certification...) to the more detailed, such as the plot, the full cast and credits, comments, and even screenshots. A thumbnail image with the poster of the movie will be added automatically to the database, but you can also add a URL for the trailer, or even a link to the movie file.

You can also have individual files for each person involved in the movie, from the cast to the crew. Here you can add a photograph, a list of the films they have been part of, etc. As most information is taken from the Internet, this can be updated at any time in seconds.

Movieguer not only allows you to store all the information you need about your favorite movies and DVD collections, but it also gives you an attractive presentation for you to show them to your friends and relatives.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Attractive interface that shows you all the information of the movie in a neat booklet style.
  • Catalogs movies and media discs separately.
  • Captures movie information from IMDb


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